Lemurian seed blade of light matrix crystal
  • Lemurian seed blade of light matrix crystal

    80 grams 70mm length x 55mm width x 50mm height. 
    These crystals famous name is derived due to being the brightest and most brilliant quartz in the world. Coming from the emerald mines of Colombia, these crystals quartz are well known for their magnificent healing power, and it’s known that they vibrate at a higher frequently than any other crystal. Testimonies from those who mine these crystals say that these crystals keep their immune system so strong and they never get sick. These crystals keep your immune system strong and flowing with energy. You will feel it’s power through your being as it spells out any negative emotions and brings a renewal of things in your very own life. 
    Also these crystals amplify the consciousness of the individual possessing it, and allowing for more rational thinking. 
    Lemurian blades of light. 
    Dissolves negativity.