Green Fluorite
  • Green Fluorite

    164 grams 
    4cm Height x 7.5 Length x 4cm Width
    Fluorite is a powerful calmer. It brings you back to reality, the reality where there is joy in being alive at this very moment and having a complex life before you. 
    Fluorite is a wonders tone for doctors and all types of physicians. If you require a stone for peace of mind while in the chaos all around your business dealings, this stone is powerful. It works the veins and arteries and all body fluids are regulated, this works almost only while holding it. The darker the fluorite, the more powerful for intellects. It brings a huge surge of mental energy, that does not overwhelm. Fluorite also is a stone that dispels any energy that might be unwanted. It brings the being at a higher frequency in its surroundings and people and therefore being protected from evil eyes. Evil eyes will not see them, or desire any conscious thought of you. 
    Finally. Fluorite shields bad desires from others and self. It helps cleanse your upper chakras and if placed within the other chakras, you are able to cleanse them, but not tube them.