Citrine cluster
  • Citrine cluster

    264 grams 11.5 x 5.5 x 4 cm
    Citrine is power! Citrine is a natural igniter of energy, so it works wonderfully for anything you are doing that requires tons of energy. Physical or mental. It helps one push to do the impossible and reach desired goals. This stone is greedy and likes being seen and handled. But it can also be left alone. The stone is more active at conscious presence and desire. It can be a good friend for studying or doing late night work, it can also help with fatigue and constipation or any sort of stomach problems. It is recommended that if you want to attract wealth, you make sure the stone is visible and it’s purpose known. Citrine is not a stone for lovers, unless it has a counter attacking rock, for this rock is connected to the sexual realm and any relationship might turn too energetic. For example. Carrying an amethyst will allow for understanding and seeing beyond carnal energies, or Celestine, which would connect the heart through a spiritual connection, and could turn the relationship into a healthy path. 
    Citrine is a stone of power, but as fire, it can burn, and it only burns when the desire is not up to standards. Meaning that the desire is not compatible with the rules of the universe, which does not allow for other beings to be harmed without punishment. 
    Citrine brings protection from harm, but does now shield. It levels energies, but it isn’t s balanced rock and something will have to give. Clear crystals are great tools for filtering any excess energy that may be unhelpful.