Amethyst bracelet (8mm)
  • Amethyst bracelet (8mm)

    8mm diameter 
    Amethyst is a stone of clarity. It allows for the energies around it to clear up, and cool down. Making everyone around it feel more in control while obtaining tranquility and serenity. It’s the prefect stone for being alone, as it acts as mediator between active energy and passive energy. By holding amethyst during rest, you can find yourself back to the meaning of your own life, and really brings you into the right path, where you will find all around you prospering. There are other crystals that can be mixed with amethyst to make it a perfect tool for wealth, for love, and for freedom from karmic unbalances. 
    Amethyst shields you from people who are suffering, so if you feel you are sensitive to others internal emotions, this stone filters in and out all negativity and turning it into crystal clear purified energy. 
    For business this stone will help you achieve success. With sodalite for example you will be able to ace an interview, as amethyst calms and reassures, while sodalite gives confidence and influences the speaker with incredible verbal abilities, but cognition remains the same. 
    Amethyst and citrine are the perfect stones for wealth and good luck.if you’re having a night out for example, and you bring these stones with you, you can assure yourself that all will be dancing and having fun, without any problems or people who may want to ruin the night. And perhaps even help with a great morning friend, as it dispels headaches and tiredness. 
    Amethyst is a stone like water. It cleanses the body, the mind and the surroundings, it helps people make good positive decisions and prevents rashness.
    A health benefit from amethyst happens around the head, it has the ability to tune the brain into cool down mode, and so you feel refreshed, perfect for meditation, yet it is always a good idea to protect the communication between worlds. To do so with amethyst one must have a hematite to shield any incoming inputs, and a black tourmaline to deter all possible attacks via the crystal. 
    Although amethyst is perfect for serenity, it does not fully shield during meditation estate. But for sleeping is the stone that may clear your dreams, allowing you to remember them more clearly. You will be shocked to be remembering what you’ve dreamed. Yet this crystal cannot clear dreams, so they may be understood. Other stones would have to be used.