Place this stone around your

home or place of work to cure

organ decease. This stone helps

remove toxic cells from damaged

organs and can be a curative tool

for those who are suffering from

any decease that attacks our

internal organs. At work, those

around you will feel healthier

and be healthier, they will start

noticing that the pains they were

having go away. Placing copper

at home, helps those around you

get rid of sickness. This stone is a stone of vigour and can excite the host wearing it. Which makes it a great stone to take for those times you feel exhausted and with no energy whatsoever.

Copper is for strength, courage, and endurance. This metal will bring you face to face with the world of business it contains the power to outrun obstacles and endure in business with a mentality of excitement and daring. When you have a big piece of copper you are assuring strength. The universe knows what belongs to whom, therefore this stone can contain a power around its source that outlashes those that are a treat and push them to flight. Although the stone is for power and wealth, the stone can also be used as a healing source. It gathers the energy of the dang tiang and allows for the healing of the organs. Any internal difficulties are healed. By carrying a copper piece you are assuring good luck along your way, and only good things coming your way. This stone can be used to go shopping where you can get the best of the best. Principally, copper is a stone for business people. Dealing with others and customer service. These stones do well helping with anxiety and pessimism. If you hold it consciously, you will see it’s healing power manifest. Next day you won’t have any problems with what’s going on inside your body. Copper exposed to the atmosphere is not suggested.

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