Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual and physical planes to provide calmness in life, balance in oneself, patience with others, and peace. 

The stone was used to balance the intellect and therefore in the assimilation of new ideas. it is believed that amethyst is beneficial when dealing with legal problems and money issues. 

There are several kinds of amethyst: here is the list. 

Brandberg Amethyst, Namibia 

Brandberg Phantom Amethyst, Namibia 

Amethyst Stalactite, Peru

Oregon Amethyst, Oregon, USA

Vera Cruz Amethyst- Vera Cruz Mexico

Amethyst with Calcite and Quartz, Rio Grande De Sul, Brazil

Amethyst-Chlorite- Serifos, Greece 

Amethyst- Fluorite - Colorado, USA (Rare)

Amethyst- Caconexite- Quartz- Bahia, Brazil 

Herlequin/Fire Amethyst, Madagascar 

Lavander Amethyst, Cornwall, England 

Amethyst Chevron, India 

Amethyst Elestial, Brazil 

Honeycomb Amethyst, Brazil 

Amethyst, Thunder bay, Ontario, Canada (see picture above.)