Every Moment is a Memory

What do we do

We are a Mineral and crystal store. We specialize in raw material, and semi precious minerals 

Visit us! #31 132 3RD AVE S.E. T2G 0B6


Our Goal

 Our establishments will help communities around it, by helping, teaching, and contributing to meet goals of success in the mineral business. 

Where we come from

Who do we serve?

We serve you. CANADASGEMS brings into reality a store of uniqueness where you can build knowledge, love and a foundation for understanding


Children are eager to learn and collect, want to please your children? bring them to our store! 

Collectors come to us because they understand that our store is a world mine, where all specimens of minerals can be found, and you never know, maybe a raw diamond is lurking around! 

Scientists/Teachers use these minerals in hundreds of ways, even thousands of ways, and why not collect a few pieces of raw science! 

Healers understand the power of these minerals and how they play a key part in our conscious development. Healers come to our store to find tools to help others. 

Geologists are the science of the earth, and they as scientists are always in need for new specimens to dissect... or not. 

Gemologists. Of course! and you know what? a good gemologist is as a treasure hunter. He is knowledgable in the art of these doors and locks which make a mineral be worth a fortune, but they play a big role in why we do what we do. 

Artists love our store, is a place to explore, and let creativity take place. Perhaps not while they shop for stones, but surely for when they are making the stones into the main piece of a work of art. 


For years CanadasGems have been in the business of gems, minerals and crystals. Specializing in High quality crystals known as "Lemurian Blades of Light"


We carry a big collection of minerals from all over the world. Our company understands the world of minerals and its healing powers. 

Why do we do it?

We do it because we believe in change. We believe that we can help our community and radiate all that we can from that point source!